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Tuve muy mala experiencia en Tailandia: se rompió la pantalla de mi teléfono pero por suerte lo tenía todo imprimido

Hace varios meses estuve en Tailandia y nos subimos en una moto para ir a cenar. Cuando me dí cuenta, el teléfono ya estaba en el suelo. Perdí todos los itinerarios, los contactos y las reservas porque todo lo tenía ahí guardado. No sabéis el alivio que me dió tener el viaje organizado con vuestras plantillas. Pude saber la ubicación de mi hotel y volver para pedir que me lo reparasen. No es el primer viaje que me organizo con ellas porque está todo muy detallado, es que es imposible olvidate de algo si sigues todos los pasos. Gracias por vuestro trabajo chicos! 

Just worry about enjoying

Organize transportation, accommodation, weather forecast, outfit of the day, compare rental cars, plan events, have a checklist of the trip, a map of the destinations visited, plan the route, itinerary, activities, equipment, keep track of expenses, compare hotels, restaurants, travel insurance, currency exchange, and much more!



I had a very bad experience in Thailand: my phone screen broke, but luckily I had everything printed out.

Several months ago, I was in Thailand and we got on a motorcycle to go to dinner. Before I realized it, the phone was already on the ground. I lost all the itineraries, contacts, and reservations because I had everything saved on that phone. You don't know what a relief it was to have the trip organized with your templates. I was able to find out the location of my hotel and go back and get it repaired. It's not the first trip I've organized with them because everything is so detailed, it's impossible to forget anything if you follow all the steps. Thanks for your work guys!

It saves scares,
in the trip expenses.

Don't let the trip of your dreams turn into a nightmare.


✓ It will guide you so you don't overspend.
✓ Track your expenses, before, during and after the trip.
✓ Enjoy without worrying about money.
✓ Avoid surprise charges when you get back.

Available on all your devices.

You'll be able to organize your trip finances in Google Sheets. So you don't have to buy licenses to use it, the data is updated live for everyone and you can access it from anywhere, on any device, and even offline.



The definitive guide to organizing the trip of your dreams

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Summary of everything you will receive:

Excel Expense Control
✓ Assigning categories
✓ Budget creation
✓ Comparator between budget and final expenses
✓ Expense chart
✓ Expense Tracker

✓ Transportation planner
✓ Accommodation planner
✓ Weather forecast
✓ Outfit of the day
✓ Rental car comparator
✓ Event planner
✓ Travel checklist
✓ Map of destinations visited
✓ Route, itinerary and activity planner
✓ Equipment planner
✓ Expense control chart
✓ Hotel Comparator
✓ Restaurant list
✓ Travel insurance comparator
✓ Travel insurance comparator
✓ Currency exchange comparator
✓ Currency exchange comparator
✓ Map of visited destinations

✓ eBook to live the trip of your dreams

*Excel spreadsheets are based on Google Sheets

Pack to organize the trip of your dreams

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