Whatever tomorrow brings

you’re more than ready for it.


We're going to redesign your student experience from start to finish. See below 👇🏼

The templates for
passing everything

We have prepared the pack that will accompany you for the rest of your student life to pass everything.
From university degrees, postgraduate courses, competitive exams, high school, and secondary school to specific training workshops.


Make the most of your study time, with advanced monitoring of each subject.
Ready to learn. And pass.

You were in that class.
And you remember.


That feeling of going to an exam and knowing all the answers...We got it.

Working together is always better


Work as a team, set timings, prepare presentations...It's time to show off.

That's done.
And that. And that.

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It's easy to start the day focused, but not so easy after a few hours. That's why we've redesigned the Pomodoro method in printable templates and in Excel, so you can monitor your sessions while leaving your phone aside...
Until your next break ;)

¡A 10 at a glance!


You will be able to organize your tasks with a bird's eye view on a single sheet. You will know what priorities you have today, as well as the rest of the week.
Observation, Anticipation, and Effective Work.

Know your final grades, the first one.


Based on Google Sheets spreadsheets, so you don't have to buy licenses to use it; the data is updated live and you can access it from any place and device.

Surprise for students who share an apartment 😉

Get to know the definitive distribution of tasks.


Share out the tasks with your roommates. Teamwork, happy stay ;)

Super useful templates for your daily life


Save time at the supermarket by shopping by sections, creating calendars, setting tasks…

Improve coexistence, 
you are at home.


Establish rules of coexistence so that your new roommates adapt quickly.

Common expenses, 
 under control.


Avoid unforeseen events, share money equitably, establish monthly budgets…

Dream come true: 
Make express moves

We present to you the first templates that will save you time, loss of objects, and, above all, a little bit of discomfort... Keep an advanced inventory to make your moves much faster.


Organize boxes by numbers, colors, sizes, weights, contents, and locations... Moving has never been so easy and fast. Besides, it will be useful for the rest of the moves in your life ;)

The templates will be with you wherever you go.


We make many more moves than we think we do: for studies, work, an exchange... Any stage of your life will require a move. But don't worry, you are already prepared ;)

Save time, money and worry


By using printable templates, you can give them to your movers so that everyone works under your control.


Tips to pass anything that comes your way.

Free eBook for a limited time.


Summary of EVERYTHING you will receive:

✓ Track your grades by subject
✓ Track your exams by subject
✓ Measure the progress of your subjects
✓ Teamwork organizer
✓ Track study days and hours
✓ Advanced Pomodoro in Templates
✓ Individual task list with completion check
✓ List of joint tasks with completion check
✓ Daily task calendar
✓ Weekly and monthly daily task distribution
✓ Weekly washing machine planner with colored and white clothes
✓ Free planner
✓ Weekly chore planner
✓ Subject to be reinforced
✓ Reading Progress
✓ Summary of chapters
✓ Control of study hours for exams
✓ Exhibit preparer
✓ Feedback and review
✓ List of rules for living together

✓ Organizer of common expenses
✓ Distribution of private and common spaces
✓ Advanced shopping list
✓ Miscellaneous note sheets
✓ Weekly cleaning planner by home spaces
✓ Comparison of transportation companies
✓ Moving estimate
✓ Price comparison of moving companies
✓ Preparing for moving day
✓ Moving Process
✓ Organizer by space (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.)
✓ Box organizer
✓ Moving planning
✓ New home organizer
✓ Features of the new home
✓ To-do's of the new home
✓ Calendar planner
✓ Printable "FRAGILE" Stickers

✓ Track the results of your exams, papers, graded exercises, and more for each course subject
✓ Know the final result of your subjects
✓ Valid for any course and year
✓ Box organizer
✓ Control of boxes with fragile contents
✓ Control of boxes by color
✓ Size and weight registration
✓ Location control
✓ Control of the contents of the cartons
✓ Space for notes
✓ Storage check
✓ Count of total boxes, boxes pending to be stored and stored
✓ Graph of boxes in storage

✓ The must-have ebook for exam preparation
✓ Weekly planner
✓ Advanced Pomodoro in Excel

*Excel spreadsheets are based on Google Sheets.

Tools to improve your ENTIRE student life and student experience

✓ Lifetime access. No subscriptions.






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