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Don't say you don't have time, say you didn't know the method to stop wasting it.

Do you feel like you have poor organization, easily forget things, postpone tasks, don't make the most of your time as you'd like, tend to get stressed? We've prepared the ultimate tool for you.

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Time is the only resource that doesn't come back. Think about it: You'll never be as young as you are right now. So, how much value do you place on your time?

Are you ready to make a 180º change in your organization?


I just don't have words to describe how perfect it is.

I just wanted to let the people involved in the creation of this wonderful, perfect second brain know the following. I've been searching for over a week for better organization methods (I know, it's a bit of an exaggeration on my part), but I haven't found anything that met my expectations. I'm writing to tell you that I love it and that it couldn't be more complete. I can't find words to explain how perfect this Notion is. Finally, I can get better organized, and I like the idea of having everything in one place, and it also categorizes all my tasks. Now, when I sit down at the computer, instead of thinking about what I need to do, I just start working on the first task it recommends. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. It's clear that there's an immense amount of work behind this!

The 1st Productivity Coach on Notion

Our Second Brain is capable of intelligently categorizing all your daily tasks with the sole purpose of helping you finish work earlier. You won't need to think or learn to prioritize; it will do it for you.
Isn't that wonderful?

3 Combined Methods to Be More Productive

3-Minute Tasks

You will start with tasks that require less than 3 minutes for two reasons:

⓵  Completing tasks, even the smallest ones, generates a sense of achievement. This can give you a boost of motivation and energy to tackle larger tasks.

⓶  This rule will reduce the number of small pending tasks that accumulate and can feel overwhelming over time.

Psychology plays a significant role in productivity. Here, it is applied from the ground up to help you accomplish more in less time without even realizing it.


Next, it will suggest that you tackle the largest and most challenging tasks, after the motivation boost from the previous step.

At the beginning of the day, your concentration and energy levels are at their peak, so it's essential to make the most of it to ensure that your day is much more productive and less stressful.

Our Second Brain will help you identify the priority tasks so you can go straight into action.
Your priority: finish earlier.


Tasks will also be organized considering the energy levels required to carry them out.

Prioritizing tasks that demand higher concentration during times of high vitality will boost your productivity and prevent wasting time when your energy is lower.

And, of course, all of this is done automatically.

Ready to take action?

These 3 methods are applied in combination and automatically so that you can finish your workday earlier.

In other words: you are going to give yourself time. Is there a more beautiful gift?



More than a Second Brain, I would call it a "Box of Surprises." It's been a game-changer to have sections for everything.

I've always been a disaster when it comes to organizing. I used to waste more time searching for where I had stored things than actually working on what needed to be done. I don't know if you've thought about people like me, haha, but you've made everything very easy to understand. What I wanted to tell you is that, more than a second brain, I would call it a box of surprises. It's a fantastic thing to have sections for everything. Honestly, I thought there were no tools like this to organize everything, and I've tried quite a few options... I don't know, but it's really good. It surprised me a lot, to be honest.

Why is the Second Brain the most advanced on the market?


The update has left me speechless, it seemed impossible to do better.

I was a customer of the first version, and being able to access this new version for free has seemed like a great gift. I think the update has worked wonders; you have incorporated a lot of new and truly useful features. I didn't know you could do so many things in Notion; in fact, I have taken some courses, and I haven't seen this anywhere else. I like all the sections, but the health section, I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Having all the doctor's visits, reports in one place, or the same goes for books or networking; these are things you didn't know you needed until you use them. You have improved something that seemed impossible to make better.

It's so easy to use, it doesn't require any prior learning

The Second Brain is the first Notion that doesn't require any learning. It was important to us that it be as useful, aesthetic, and easy to use as possible. And we've achieved that. You don't need to have used Notion before to master it from the  first minute.

Even so, we have included step-by-step video tutorials in each section and access to Notion's free academy so you can learn how to get even more out of your Second Brain.


I never really liked Notion... it's too complicated, but I gave yours a chance, and it doesn't seem like Notion... It's very nice and easy to use

Hi, guys! I'm delighted with the Second Brain! When I saw that you had created it in Notion, I had my doubts because I still don't understand why it's so successful, given how difficult it is. I've never really liked it, to be honest. But when I saw that you claimed to have made it very simple, after my experience with the finance pack, I gave it a chance. From the moment you open it, you realize it's different. In fact, I checked to see if it was really Notion because it doesn't look like it, it's very pretty. (...) After playing around with it a bit, I knew where you had put things, you've made it very easy to use. You have to watch the videos to understand it well, but as they are short, it doesn't get boring. (...) I've been using it to keep track of everything for several weeks now, and it's been a radical change for the better. Now, I can't stop using it. I have everything organized in one app, and I can finally find things right away, despite how disorganized I used to be! In short, I highly recommend it!

The Notion that excited the experts

Our Second Brain is packed with automations, templates, drop-downs, resources, and methods that will not only surprise beginners but also experts. When you buy a NorthPlanner, you can be sure that there is nothing more advanced available today, and of course, we deliver on that promise here as well. You won't find anything more comprehensive worldwide.


I've bought a lot of productivity templates that honestly ended up being forgotten, but this one has become essential to me

I didn't feel like buying anything because many templates claim they'll help you get organized, and honestly, they end up being forgotten. I know what I'm talking about... but well, I didn't want to give up either because you have very good products, I tried your planner last year, and it worked really well for me. In fact, I used other Notion templates before, but wow, you've surpassed everything on the market. Plus, after the update, you have more sections, and they're more detailed. It's clear that you designed them to be used every day, not just random sections. It couldn't be better. 

Available on all your devices

We've developed the Second Brain in Notion, a free app available on any device that you can customize and adapt to your needs. You can add any additional sections you want and make them collaborative.


The best investment so far this year. I've improved in every aspect.

It's been amazing. Just three weeks ago, I bought the entire store pack because I wanted to have all the packs, and I can feel that I've improved in every aspect. Not only in organization but also in my finances and in my studies in hospitality management in Madrid. Now, my girlfriend is using the templates that came with it to plan our vacation, and she says they're amazing too. For me, you've been a real discovery! Honestly, the best investment I've ever made, without exaggeration!

Summary of everything you'll receive:

Second Brain built in Notion
✓ My Day
✓ Goals
✓ Habit Tracker
✓ Notes
✓ Daily Journal
✓ Health and Wellness
✓ Finances
✓ Books
✓ Relationships and Networking
✓ Travel Planner
✓ Resources of Interest
✓ Meal Planner
✓ Password Manager

We also include USAGE INSTRUCTIONS through videos and access to the Notion Academy.

Pack to unlock more time and reduce stress

✓ Super easy to use from minute 1
✓ Unique in the world, you won't find a more comprehensive one
✓ +1,000 hours of work to make it a reality
✓ Built in Notion by experts and graphic designers
✓ Automations to finish work earlier
✓ Lifetime access, no subscriptions
If you bought v1.0, you get FREE access to 2.0

Launch offer: 69,90€



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