The personal coach who takes the control of your finances

With just 10 minutes a month, the Excel will evaluate your finance and show you how to save easlily, plan your future, and even fulfill your wishes. For example, a well-deserved holiday

The revolution in your finances has arrived.

Saving has never been so easy. Introducing the first savings gym: Set goals, track progress, and stay motivated all year long.

Stop Living paycheck to paycheck

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We'll make sure money stops being your worry.

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By paying off your debts faster, you will be able to enjoy that extra money immediately.

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When debt disappears, you'll never have to worry about suffocating fees or unforeseen events again.

So easy to use, you won't need to learn anything, everything is automatic.

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You're just 10 minutes away from changing your situation:
What income have you had? Salary, bonuses, rent...
STEP 2: What fixed expenses will you have? Mortgage, water, electricity, gas...
STEP 3: How much are you going to save this month? The coach will also suggest an amount for you.
STEP 4: What expenses have you incurred this month? Organize them by categories: dining out, clothing, utilities...

Our users are saving at least
1 salary per year.

Achieve an average saving of $2,000* annually thanks to our advanced savings plan. All this by simply tracking your expenses with just 10 minutes a month.

Ready to boost your finances?

*An estimate based on earnings of at least $24,000 or more per year.


After the pandemic, I couldn't afford a holiday. This is the first year I can finally travel.

I don't know why, but every month there seems to be something that makes me overspend, and I never end up saving. It's frustrating because I'd love to explore more countries and cultures. I've done a few trips around the UK, but I never really held out hope for those dream journeys. Now, after a few months with your templates I can only tell you guys that they're brilliant... Not only am I no longer worried about unexpected costs, but I'm also organising a trip with my best mate for September. I couldn't be happier! For the price of a meal out, it sorts out your finances and you even get to go on holiday, haha. What's most surprising is that you don't need to earn more money, you just manage it better. It's been amazing. I'll keep an eye out for more from you!

Do you live with a partner or in a shared flat?

Managing finances as a couple is a different ball game. That's why we've prepared a document to help you organise your shared finances too.

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 Manage shared expenses
Organise your personal finance
 All in one place.


The Excel planner gifted me my dream motorbike.

Well, I'm very happy with your Excel planner. I didn't have high expectations because you can see these things in the bank's app, and it's not rocket science if your income and expenses are more or less the same each month. But I gave it a chance because my girlfriend spoke very well of your planner, and I saw that you'd released an Excel to manage finances and I it surprised me. Last month, I bought the motorbike of my dreams, all thanks to the savings plan you've set up. I've really taken to doing my finances on it, it's very well done.

On all your devices and without licences.

Our planner is based in Google Sheets. This way, you don't have to by licenses, the data is updated live for everyone and you can access it from anywhere and on any device.


We've had a very hard time. Now I have my emergency fund and I'm helping my family

My story is a bit long, but I'll tell you. Due to personal circumstances, in my family we have always had economic needs. I lost my father at a very young age and with 5 siblings at home, it was a real tragedy. My mother was always asking for loans, $300 at a time, sometimes to pay off installments of other loans. We didn't understand what was going on at home but it was her way of getting by. I had picked up many habits that were leading me to financial ruin, but since I started using the Excel sheet, I've finally come to understand many things about my home, my finances, and my savings. I've now managed to set up my own emergency fund and now I am currently helping my mother to build her own. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, because you've truly transformed my life.

Surprise for paper lovers.

We've also designed special printable templates that will allow you to make even even more progress with your personal finance. You'll have challenges, budgets, savings, and much more at your fingertips!

What you will receive:
✓ Monthly budget plan
✓ Annual savings plan
✓ 30-day savings plan
✓ Financial goals tracker
✓ Annual financial overview
✓ Weekly savings challenge
✓ Fixed expenses management
✓ Subscription tracker
✓ Financial goals


I've been able to move after identifying some expenses that were ruining me.

My experience with your templates has surprised me from day one. I noticed the significant effort, especially in making them user-friendly. What I appreciate most is how you've built everything so schematic. I've tried similar products before, some apps, but the way you've structured it seems far more practical than any app on the market. In fact, I'm writing to you because, thanks to you, I managed to move after detecting some small expenses that were ruining me... (...) That's why I wanted to thank you once again for your work..


Guide to boost your personal finance
+ Guide to Say goodbye to debt

Limited-time bundle of two eBooks + Complimentary Loan Calculator with the pack.

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From the creators of

The Most Advanced Diary on the Market

The NorthPlanner method was conceived in 2019, integrated into the most comprehensive and advanced diary in the market. It was the first to be capable of amplifying user productivity while simultaneously fostering their personal development.Today, our method continues to evolve, enhancing personal finance at all levels, ensuring results from the very first month.

Summary of What You Will Receive:

Financial Excel Coach*
✓ First steps: categories and savings accounts
✓ Annual savings plan
✓ Control panel: income, fixed expenses, variable expenses, and savings
✓ Monthly graphical analysis
✓ Overview of your finances
✓ Annual graphical dashboard
✓ Financial goals

✓ Monthly budget
✓ Annual savings plan
✓ 30-day savings plan
✓ Tracking your financial goals
✓ Annual financial overview
✓ Weekly savings challenge
✓ Fixed expenses control
✓ Subscriptions tracker
✓ Financial goals

Shared Expenses Excel Spreadsheets:
✓ Initial expense check
✓ Monthly budget: shared and individual expenses

✓ Boost your personal finance eBook 
✓ Say goodbye to debt eBook 
✓ Google Sheets loan calculator

*When we refer to Excel, it's crucial to note that it has been created in Google Sheets, which doesn't require the purchase of Microsoft Excel usage licenses. It's important NOT to download the template onto your computer but to edit it directly online to ensure automated features remain unaltered.

Pack to stop living paychek to paycheck

✓ Lifetime access. No subscriptions.




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