Frequent questions

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Remember that RESERVATIONS are not sent until mid-December. We will keep you informed at all times.

We work very hard to reduce processing times and ship packages as quickly as possible. They are normally prepared within 24 hours.

Remember that reservations are not sent until we have them manufactured.

Once we send your package, check your email to obtain the tracking number that will show you at all times where your package is. In the following link you can enter it to monitor the tracking.

IF YOU HAVE A TRACKING CODE and you have not received your order within the agreed time (24-48 business hours), they will probably have tried to contact you when they found the reception address absent. You can find out more details by checking your tracking number or call the following toll- free telephone number to speak directly with the MRW delegation in charge of delivery in your city to arrange a more precise delivery: 91 829 66 89.

Please note that orders processed on Fridays will be received on a Tuesday (24-hour shipping) as it requires one business day to ship.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TRACKING CODE after 24 business hours from purchasing the order, please contact us to check if there has been any error.

Remember that reservations are not sent until we have them manufactured.

IF YOUR PACKAGE HAS BEEN RETURNED TO OUR OFFICES , check our shipping policy to learn the next steps.

For any other questions or incidents , contact MRW if it has already been sent (91 829 66 89) or contact us to check if there has been any error before delivering it to the transport company.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please review our refund policy to return your purchase.

The box that protects the planner is designed to take all the knocks during shipping and thus protect the planner upon arrival. Therefore, it is common to find the shipping box with some deformations and dents.

If the damage has gone from the box to the inside , that is, it has caused defects in the planner, contact us at

Please review our shipping policy to understand the next steps.

Sentimos mucho que no hayas podido adquirir el color de tu agenda a tiempo. Si en la tienda aparece como agotado, probablemente no esté de nuevo disponible.

Nuestras unidades son muy limitadas al tratarse de un producto artesanal. Por ello, nos resulta imposible volver a reponer de nuevo.

Puedes elegir otro color disponible que se adecue a tus gustos.

Sentimos las molestias ocasionadas y agradecemos enormemente tu interés en nuestro proyecto, estamos seguros que te encantará lo que hemos preparado para ti.

If you have not received the email confirming your purchase, check the SPAM or PROMOTIONS section of your email .

Sometimes it is necessary to confirm the payment through your bank. Check that it has been completed on your statement.

If you have not received it, please contact us by email to check if there has been an error.

If when you try to subscribe to our newsletter you do not receive the confirmation email, we recommend copying the email address directly from your inbox to enter it in the subscription box. Once entered, check your email in the "Promotions" or "Notifications" tabs or search directly for "NorthPlanner" in the search engine in your inbox. It could even be in your spam folder.

Once you locate the email to confirm your subscription , click on the "Confirm subscription" button and you will automatically access the welcome gifts. If you are still having problems, do not hesitate to contact us

For greater reliability, carry out the payment process with good internet or data coverage, or from another updated browser or device. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to load the payment screen during the process, but this is common in some banks.

If it doesn't work, please contact us via email to check if there has been a technical error.

You will be able to find the box to enter the discount code when you proceed to enter the details to make the payment.

It is important that you make sure to apply your coupon, since we cannot refund the corresponding amount after the purchase.

Make sure that the coupon you want to apply is eligible for the product you want to purchase.

If you do not find your answer , you can contact us directly by email

We will try to answer you as soon as possible (normally in less than 24-48 hours). Please be patient, we will solve any problem.

Check our shipping policy if we ship to your address, shipping and processing times.

Si te gustaría incorporar NorthPlanner a tu catálogo de distribución, colocarla en puntos de venta o consultarnos pedidos al por mayor, contacta con nosotros a través de el siguiente correo electrónico: