How to deal with stress?

We have all gone through moments of stress at some point, but how can we reduce its effects or try to avoid it?

When we talk about the “everyday” stress that we experience on many occasions, it is essential to know how to detect it : increased heart rate, faster breathing, dilated pupils or even digestion interruptions.

Among other causes that cause stress, one of them are the complications of daily life: traffic jams, train delays, losing things, accumulation of work...Remember that the accumulation of stress can cause physical and psychological health problems. .

Stress has a lot to do with how we evaluate the experiences and situations that are presented to us. We can turn this negative stress into a challenge to prepare ourselves mentally for the situation and try to face it more successfully.

How to deal with it?

On many occasions, we cannot avoid stressful situations since it does not depend on us, but there is something we can do: manage it better. For this, there are different techniques that with perseverance and in the long term can bear fruit.

  • Meditation : It is a practice based on contemplation and acceptance. It is considered the “tool” of the purification of the mind, or a yoga of concentration. Remember that it contributes to relaxation and can reduce stress levels.
  • Social support: Social support from family, friends or partners promotes mental health, thus helping to better manage stress and reduce its effects.
  • Aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise increases heart and lung capacity. It has been shown on many occasions that physical exercise can reduce anxiety, bad mood and stress levels.

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